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Virtual CIO
Project Delivery
A Virtual CIO is as simple as it sounds - it's years of top-end IT/business expertise and experience placed at your disposal whenever, or however, you want.
You’re good at what you do, but some of the IT stuff, the high end technology, the strategy, and the business imperatives that bleed into it are not your strength.
Not every business has a CIO, but not every business needs one - not full time anyway. We're here at your behest, a few hours here and there, a few days every month, or more. You get the benefit of the experience and guidance a CIO can bring to your organisation.
We’ll work with you through your everyday challenges. We'll partner with your IT team to ensure that they’re delivering business value, and will mentor them to make sure they understand the key business requirements are met, whether we’re on site or not. 
As a Virtual CIO we’re not a part of your headcount, but we’re there when you need us - on-site, or at the end of a phone line or email, and can work with you for as little or as much as you need. 
We're the CIO you have when you don't have a CIO.
The business has grown and opportunities are arising whereby it's necessary to upgrade or implement a new ERP system, or CRM, or BI, or whatever it might be. This is a significant investment into the future of your business, and it's vital that you get it right - but it's surprising how many businesses get it wrong.
Our method may sound obvious - we define your needs, then find the solution that meets them. In fact it's surprising how often that is reversed. Too often a ‘solution’ is implemented without proper consideration, and purpose is forced to fit the product. 
In our solution we fully document your requirements first, properly and in detail, and then find the solution that fits. There are several steps in implementing a successful project:
  • Analysis: what are the drivers for the new application? What does it need to deliver to the business? How should it work? How does it integrate? Should it be on cloud or in premises? This entails not just looking at things as they are, but looking forward to where you want to go - what does the world look like there? How do we ensure that your aspirations, right down to the finest detail, are realised? What does success look like?
  • Application: having defined the need we go to the market and select the product that meets those requirements, engage with the vendors on your behalf, manage the project and customise it exactly to the needs we’ve already identified.
  • Implementation: if it's been done properly then most of the heavy intellectual work has been completed by the time the project begins to implement the solution. The plans are in place, every detail documented and a properly managed outcomewhere there are no surprises, the solution should meet the business need, and on schedule.
IT Strategy
Perhaps you're a growing business, or a business developing into a different market. The outlook is positive, but there's much to be done if the full potential of the opportunity is to be realised. You know what you do, and you're good at it, but you know also that if these goals are to be achieved the whole business needs to be moved forward, streamlined, re-aligned, or simply upgraded - and you don't have the time or expertise to do that. We do though.
Your Virtual CIO will meet with you to discuss your aims. We'll sit down with you and assess where you’re at and listen as you explain where you want to get to. We'll talk about what you're good at, what you're not so good at, and where the opportunities are. Working with you we’ll begin to map out the route from here to there, will highlight the critical factors, the essential milestones, and the tools and resources required to achieve it.
Then we’ll work it with you. We’ll engage with you and your staff to align the business with the goals we’ve defined and begin to implement the plan we’ve set out in practical steps and solutions. We’re there to guide and to mentor, to offer our expert perspective and to add an extra shoulder to the wheel when it's needed, and will be available to re-align or adjust as business circumstances change. Ultimately the goal is to create an environment perfectly fit for purpose.
Vendor Management
Dealing with different application vendors when it comes to implementation can be difficult, and at times intimidating.
Vendors will exert pressure and highlight reasons why they should be selected before a competitor, often for reasons that sound convincing but have little relevance to the business goal. 
Once a vendor has been engaged there's the job of managing the relationship, and the project implementation. Our recommendation is that we should be engaged to complete the business analysis to define your business solution (as described in Project Delivery), and then take the lead in dealing with vendors upon engagement, and through the implementation.
Ideally there will be a business or client project manager to work in sync with the vendor project manager. This is a critical function that ensures that resources are available and jobs are completed within the business as required, that the project runs smoothly, and delivers as promised - as well as keeping the vendor honest.
We would recommend working with nominated staff to keep costs down, and to ensure that knowledge is passed through the business. Aside from the operational advantages, we act effectively as a gate-keeper, and can minimise vendor costs by managing work internally.
Operational Intelligence
Your operations are the things you do daily to produce the product or service the customer buys. How well do you do these things? Can you do them quicker, easier, with less cost?
This is Lean, or BPR, the art of producing more value for less cost. It's about minimising waste, optimising efficiency, and creating value to the business, and to the customer.
We take this approach to your business, integrated into your IT and business strategy. We'll review how you do things, from initiation to completion, enhancing the efficiency of your business by streamlining applications, processes, controls, policies and procedures.
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