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Who are we?
While we're IT professionals, our approach is focussed on the business as a whole.
IT is an critical component of your business, but its function is to serve the business. Keeping the lights on, maintaining business as usual are essential functions, but IT is undersold as a business tool if that's all it does.
It's our philosophy - confirmed by our experience - that IT is a powerful tool when it is properly leveraged to drive business performance and add value. That's more true now than ever.
To enable that requires business, as well as IT expertise. One of our key services on offer is that of the Virtual CIO. Basically that's IT expertise wrapped in business savvy - how to plug the business into IT services to make the business go faster, higher, longer. In other words, how to elevate your business from the mid-range to the upper echelon.
We can do that because we have real world experience. Over 30 years of IT experience, as well as hands-on accounting expertise. We appreciate the commercial imperatives that drive business decisions. We understand the practical considerations. We've sat both sides of the desk, as vendor and client. And we know what it's like to manage a business because we've done that too.
We're not single use IT people - we're experienced and well rounded business professionals who aim to deliver to you tangible results.
We're strong advocates for what we provide. We passionate because it's what we do, but we do it because we believe in it.
I'm happy at any time to meet and discuss precisely what it might mean for you.
What do we do?

We've categorised our solutions into three groups Strategic, Tactical and Project - though in reality there is often quite some overlap:
Strategic Solutions takes a high end view of your business. It approaches your business in the context of where it sits now, and where it needs to go. This incorporates our Virtual CIO offering, which includes IT Strategy - strategy designed to align, and empower, business objectives.
Tactical Solutions are focussed on how the business operates. We've coined a phrase for what this means: Operational Intelligence. How do you do things? Why do you do them that way? How can they be done better? Besides BPR this incorporates Business Analysis and Policy Development.
Project Solutions focus on project delivery, either managed internally with our guidance, or with the assistance of an external vendor where we act as gatekeeper, quality assurance, and internal project manager.